Poetry Evening

Poetry Evening

Not only music, but also a poetic word can awaken to life, to regain the joy and lead him into the world of dreams, inspiration and romance. Therefore, in the halls of the Philharmonic are often held special poetry evenings. As a rule, on the scene or Alla Demidov, or Svetlana Kryuchkov. In their performance the audience can enjoy the works of Bryusov and Pushkin, Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva, Merezhkovsky and Blok, and Balmont Brodsky, as well as many other poets, whose works simply can not pass into oblivion. The poetic word, as well as musical composition, written in a special state of inspiration, remain in the cultural formation of each nation forever.

The Philharmonic has long been the custom that at least once a year, here comes Alla Demidova, the famous and extremely talented actress to the Grand Hall has once again sounded the fundamental line of Russian poets. Many of these artists in his time repeatedly visited St. Petersburg. It is in this city created a number of their best works. Therefore, like poetry readings are very symbolic and have their own aura, evokes a particular mood and involve each student to the cultural traditions of different eras Russia.


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