The opera «The Magic Flute»

The opera «The Magic Flute»

The opera "The Magic Flute" still remains one of the most profound and ambiguous understanding of the audience for the works of Mozart. Someone sees in her struggle with the Church of Freemasonry, someone admires a love story, someone - in awe of an interesting story and a beautiful fairy tale. Someone looking deeper, discovers the eternal question about the meaning of life, the path and destiny of man in the world ... The work of Mozart carries a lot of overt and covert meanings - here everyone sees what he can see ... and everyone - in its own right.

Among the many available options performances, directed by Eric Vigier I chose the version that was demonstrated in the Lausanne Opera. The premiere took place at 2010.

Thanks to Peta Halmenu, German theater artist and director, in this embodiment, the formulation of the action is transferred to the library of scores of rare and old books belonging to the Duchess Anna Amalia. The reason for this change was a sad event - a fire that destroyed many priceless rarities, but European critics have recognized this course directors are very successful. According to them, it is added to the product of Mozart's harmony and lots of bright colors. Lausanne variant interpretations of the opera is one of the closest to the contemporaries.

The performance is suitable for family viewing.

Libretto: Emanuel Schikaneder
The original production, set design and costumes: Peter Halmich
Directed by: Eric Vigier
Premiere: 2010


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