Christmas Concert of Sergei Drobotenko

Christmas Concert of Sergei Drobotenko

On January 2, 2018, a concert of one of the bright and talented representatives of the colloquial genre, the winner of the All-Russian competition of artists of satire and humor, the permanent participant of the television programs "Smehopanorama" and "Anshlag" by Sergei Drobotenko will take place on the stage of the Lensovet Palace.

Many moments of the presentation are based on improvisation, on interactive communication with the audience. Impromptu Sergey are given easily, because he is the author of almost all the works performed from the stage.

At the concert of Sergei Drobotenko, you not only laugh "up to the colic in your stomach", but you will also be able to recall similar cases from your own life! So, by attending the concert with the brilliant New Year program, you will receive a colossal charge of positive energy, which is enough for the whole year!

Duration of the concert: 2 hours with one intermission.


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