The play «Cinderella»

The play «Cinderella»

Cinderella story of good, who loves all generations and children, and adults, can not remain indifferent and modern production director, who are looking for it its meaning and depth. Yuri Kataev, rebounding from the familiar story, told young viewers a new tale, the effect of which is transferred to the present day. From the classic version of Charles Perrault distinguishes this production and the emergence of the three nuts that are in difficult situations always come to the rescue of the protagonist.

Cinderella interpretation Kataeva - not just a good hardworking girl who dreams of a prince, and the heroine with a strong character, able to raise in the production of topical issues. It seeks to answer the most important and most nedetskiy question: what to do to carry out their dreams? Cinderella finds it the ability to forgive the shortcomings of loved ones and accept them as they are.

The play is filled with bright memorable choreography, original vocal rooms and modern décor with multimedia effects, which are very popular with young viewers. Luxury game actors - graduates Galtseva studio, subtle humor, colorful costumes create the scene real magic tales, which does not want to leave any children or adults.

Genre: Children's play
Director: Yu Kataev
Actors: A. Lazo, A. Tkachenko, IV Arkhipov, Janko, Kalashnikov, Kastritsa A., A. Kipin, LA Klimov, A. Kuhotkina, M. Nasyrov, Pavlyukova O., A. Chusova, D. Lebedev, Yu Mikhailik, A. Makeyev, V. Frolov, I. Yaroshevich
Running time: 2 hours with one intermission


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