The play «Hanky-Panky»

The play «Hanky-Panky»

Nostalgia for the retreating Soviet era, which from a distance would see only light and good, pays modern directors to the literary heritage left by geniuses of his time. And a special place in it occupied by human work, which has become a symbol of its time - Vasily Shukshin ....

The basis of the director's work and Glazkova Galtseva went to stories about the lives of ordinary people - the most famous Shukshin "Crank." "Shura-panky" - a touching series set in the pop genre, diverse miniatures, which are common heroes unite.

Because starring young actors - students Galtseva workshop, the authors were able to look at these stories through the eyes of a generation for whom the Soviet past - as far as the history of the Roman Empire. What could be an important and close in Shukshin's prose for those who have to live in the world of information technology? What values ​​have stood the test of time? This question directors looking for the answer, along with the audience ...

To submit Shukshina comic stories, the authors used an abundance of songs, dances, folklore and popular parody of the Soviet songs, which, however, live well on stage with dramatic scenes and touching, warm lyricism, love and creativity VM Shukshin, which is the linchpin of the entire production.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Yu Galtsev, Glazkov
Actors: A. Kastritsa, Kipin A., A. Kuhotkina, A. Lazo, M. Nasyrov, Pavlyukova O., A. Savastova, Tkachenko, A. Chusova, I. Arkhipov, K. Galstyan, D. Enin, A. Mkrtchyan, K. Petrov, K. Scheinin, A. Shilnikov, Shpungin A., A. Janko
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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