The play «Operation» Divorce»

The play «Operation» Divorce»

Bright screwball comedy adventurous will appreciate the modern viewer, accustomed to dynamic turn of events in detective movies. Fans of such famous films as "Ocean 11" and "Va-Bank" will be able to see on the stage something very close in spirit to these film history.

The play "operation" Divorce "- a series of successive situations, the meaning of which is suddenly completely different than it seemed at first. This dynamic story with a bunch of surprises that can happen to anyone, it meets our crazy pace of modern life. Watching the actors, the audience will be able to learn for themselves examples of how to make decisions quickly how to use any situation for the benefit of as witty and unexpectedly solve the most difficult situations and how to believe in yourself, no matter what.

The play will appeal to those who do not like overextended stories: a great actor's trio consisting of Andrey Noskov, Andrey Fedortsova Shtil and George will not allow to start missing any viewer. Setting is great for family viewing - big portion of laughter and high spirits are guaranteed to everyone who visited the show.

Genre: Comedy
Director: A. Sinotov
Actors: A. Fedortsov, Mr. Calm, Noskov, A. Vasiliev, M. Domozhirova, Shahmuratova Yu, A. Makin, S. Kunitsky
Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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