The play «I Have Not Seen War...»

The play «I Have Not Seen War...»

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Youth Prize of St. Petersburg in the field of art in the nomination "For achievements in the field of theatrical art"

When told about the war veterans, who personally went through all its twists and turns - this is one. But when the performance of the military are taken very young children, it turns out an amazing masterpiece in which no unnecessary sentiments, nor hypocritical pathos nor childish silliness. Every moment of musical drama imbued with sincerity, sincerity and heartfelt empathy.

The play, which resembles rather a chain of memories dedicated to the important event - the Great Victory in the Second World War. But unlike other such dramatizations, to create a realistic atmosphere were used letters of those in the Great Patriotic War he studied and taught at LGITMiK. It turns out that with the advent of the war, life goes on. And you can still love to make friends, to write and to teach the younger generation, which by some miracle managed to work and learn, even with a completely empty stomach.

 Youth of the cast, a special vision of the young director, sincere feelings invested in the execution of each song, each monologue. Gradually, a feeling that the actors on the stage - it's a real young people in wartime. It is precisely those real and simple characters, and which has held the country in a difficult time for her.

Genre: Musical Drama performance
Director: Fedor Klimov.
Starring: S. Karabulina V. Latyshev, M. Myasnikov, I. Grigoriev, A. Emelyanov, D. Zhitkov.
The premiere: May 8, 2015
Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission.


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