The musical «Master and Margarita»

The musical «Master and Margarita»

A real star composition now works on the project: director Sofya Sirakanyan and film director Timofey Zhalnin, composer Anton Tanonov, choreographer Dmitry Pimonov. 66 artists engaged in the production, play a magical standoff between Good and Evil. Among them - the brightest stars of Russian musicals. Woland - Ivan Ozhogin (laureate of the Golden Mask Award). Margarita is the star of theater and cinema Anastasia Makeeva, as well as Vera Sveshnikova. Gella - Anna Kovalchuk, Maria Lagatskaya-Zimina. Pilate - Honored Artist of Russia, Vyacheslav Shtyps.

6 composers: Anton Tanonov (head of the St. Petersburg Composers School), Olga Tomaz (composer of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain), Sergei Rubalsky, Irina Dolgova, Oleg Popkov, Alexander Maev. The author of poems: A.Pastushenko. 6 librettists: Irina Afanasyeva, Maria Oshmyanskaya, Sergei Shilovsky-Bulgakov (grandson of Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov), Andrey Pastushenko, Igor Shevchuk, Chris Hancock.

The libretto was created using the latest technology "Situational scenario" - it is a combination of conditions and circumstances that involve the viewer in the stage space. Spectators are involved in an interactive show, becoming participants in the "devilish" performance of Woland. Each view becomes unique and not similar to the previous one.

666 suits were created for the "Master and Margarita" by the famous Hungarian stage designer Kentauer (Erkel Laszlo), the author of the artistic concept of the world-famous musicals "Ball of the Vampires", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Oliver".

Musicians and conductor of the "devil's orchestra" Woland directly on the stage participate in the creation of a mystical action.
66 scenery is replaced on stage during the performance. Video content is created using the latest technology of a 3D image that does not require stereo glasses. Using the method of image separation using micro-prisms simultaneously with 9-th video projectors creates a voluminous scenery! Video content and computer graphics produced by one of the largest Russian film company "TriIksMedia." The musical will guide viewers through the labyrinth of human passions and reveal the hidden meanings of the great novel.

Note! The entrance to the hall after 3 rings is strictly forbidden!

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, intermission 30 minutes


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