The play «When We Were Young...»

The play «When We Were Young...»

The play "Before the victory" is very different from those productions, which usually go to the Variety Theater. This is a story about the unknown pages of the Great Patriotic War.

Performance-album, as it is called by the authors themselves. And so it is, looking at the scene, if you leaf through the yellowed pages of a photo album documenting those terrible times. The plot consists of several scenes of different, but linked by one theme - the theme of war. Each scene - it's an old black and white photographs, which were frozen scenes of everyday life and peaceful front scenes. In the eyes of the audience picture starts to revive, restoring a little bit of the time and someone's life.

In this performance, it mixes all the dramatic scenes alternate with lyrical, romantic - frankly naive and ridiculous. The whole setting is accompanied by a little-known war songs, filling what is happening with special meaning.
Young actors embody on stage realistic images of people who have passed the test of war, but kept the most important thing - your soul: burned, but all the same gentle, tormented, but full of goodness and compassion. Despite all the experiences, they also hope and dream of love and happiness.

Genre: Performance-album
Director: Yu Galtsev.
Starring: A.Kastritsa, A.Kipina, A.Kuhotkina, A.Lazo, M.Nasyrova, O.Pavlyukova, A.Savastova, Tkachenko, A.Chusova, I.Arhipov, K.Galstyan, D.Enin, Mkrtchyan and K.Petrov, K.Sheynin, A.Shilnikov, A.Shpungin, A.Yanko
Running time: 2 hours with one intermission


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