Rhythm of Drawbridges - Concert on the Boat.

Rhythm of Drawbridges - Concert on the Boat.

Our concert program on the Neva harmoniously built for you by our master, masterly Petersburg musicians, night panoramas and drawbridges.

The world's best hits - incendiary rock 'n' roll and virtuoso guitar hard blues, light foreign pop and rock piercing: a combination of dance rhythms and tender slow romantic songs.

Light night lights of St. Petersburg, the grand opening of the bridge and drive incendiary concert. Face to face you and one of the most beautiful cities in the world ... Only on our night musical voyage "Rhythm drawbridges."

23:30 - Start planting.
23:40 - Background music and welcome host.
00:00 - Start of the concert program.
00:40 - Departure.
00:45 - Taking guests from the English Embankment. 28.
1:20 - Start the bridges.
2:30 - Landed on the English, nab. 28
2:40 - Arrival at the Frigate Grace, Petrovskaya Emb. 2

Address berth: Petrovskaya embankment, 2, Frigate Grace
Duration: 3 hours
Start boarding: 23:30
Departure time: 23:59


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