Concert program «Nights in the Gardens of Spain»

Concert program «Nights in the Gardens of Spain»

"Nights in the Gardens of Spain" - the title of one of the most famous works of the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla. The concert program of the same name presented experiment where a single kaleidoscope contains classic works of the Baroque, Renaissance and modern times, folk and classical Spanish dance, as well as in the author's style of composition. The public is given the opportunity to immerse yourself in the dream of Spain: feel the scents of flowering gardens, enjoy the atmosphere of the royal palaces and night city - all this through music and dance from different times and styles.

We invite you to dream about that subtle romance that was present as in the time of Cervantes, and in the days of de Falla. Magnificent Renaissance melodies alternate with passionate flamenco motives, elegant and sparkling dances of different ages and from different parts of Spain will not leave you indifferent.

Participants in the program, and the ensemble dancer Amor "Tanedores" - today a unique alliance between the performers of ancient music and Spanish folk dance, creating one of the most original productions in the Spanish category, without at the moment unique in our country. Thorough knowledge of Spanish folklore and creativity of the artists allow the viewer to get acquainted not only with the widely-promoted choreography in the style of flamenco, but with little-known Spanish dance genres from classical to folk.

Participate in the program:
Dancer and choreographer - Amor (Love Fadeyev).
Ensemble "Tanedores" Vladimir Kaminik Konstantin Shchenik Eva Greenberg
Duration: 2 hours with one intermission


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