The play «Intrigues and Love»

The play «Intrigues and Love»

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    Recommended age 16+
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Director V. Barhatov moved away from the classical reading of Schiller's play - it is significantly reduced, and moving the action to Europe of our time. Where can meet young people from different social strata, who in real life is not even crossing points? What can bring them closer together? Shared a passion for music led Ferdinand and Louise at a rock concert where social boundaries are easily erased, and age - does not matter.

Basil Barhatov told on stage love story of teenagers who treat everyone with boyish. Life seems to them an infinitely long, love - eternal, and death - no more than empty words. Intrinsic values ​​of their age exaggeration events is not always so harmless, as the adults think. The cast of youthful extremism to this tragedy - is only one step ...

At the theater unfolds trendy modern spectacle, filled with familiar to us the attributes of youth culture: tablets, phones, Coca-Cola and modern songs. B. Barhatov did everything to make the viewer feel like a continuation of the statement of ordinary life: the heroes texts devoid of scenic accuracy, heroes - the most realistic and simple, clear and close to modern audiences.

Genre: Drama
Director: V. Barhatov
Actors: J. Del, Tolstun P., M. Ivanov, B. Ivushin V. Elephant (Rotanova)
A. Bredel, Fedkin A., M. Shiryaev
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission


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