The play «The Divine Comedy»

The play «The Divine Comedy»

The biblical story of the creation of Adam and Eve caught the attention of Soviet playwright Isidora stock, which in 1961 introduced the world to his vision of it in the "Divine Comedy", a satirical sound that had in mind, and has found its expression in theatrical productions of George Tovstonogov and Sergey Obraztsova.

On the stage of Theatre of Estrada's play Shtok revived Moscow director Nina Chusova, which saw it under his corner - and has placed new emphasis. The plot revolves around the history of the first people to whom the Creator, persuaded by angels, released to know the world and ourselves. Trying to Adam and Eve to defend their views before the Creator creates a lot of tragicomic situations.

Directed Chusovoi viewers will see a moving picture of the origin of human emotions that arise from the chaos in endless disputes with God and with each other. In her work satirical play features found philosophical comedy with subtle humor and difficult character.

Staging decorates the philosophical role of the Creator, ably played by Yu Galtsev grotesque staging solutions masters of this style of Nina Chusovoi and incredibly beautiful scenery sophisticated heavenly tabernacles of the masters of their craft artist Jana Glushanok.

Genre: Comedy
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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