The play «Kashtanka»

The play «Kashtanka»

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In the center of the plot - familiar to all Chekhov's story about the cheerful red little dog, who did not want to exchange his simple life on the brightness and glory of the circus. Once in the circus, met there with many colorful characters: the diva of the troupe Piggy sow Ivanovna, a dandy and dandy cat Fedor Timofeevich, vain and arrogant Goose and others. Perfecting the art of the circus, show red-haired heroine of perseverance and hard work, which in its natural ability and natural talent, will soon allow it to act on an equal footing with the other actors of the circus troupe.

Watching the ups and downs of life's simple, ordinary pooch, whose fate has given the chance to become a star of the circus, unwittingly draws parallels with the fate of the simple "little" people-so often the chance to have a huge test of strength. But Chekhov's dog - only animal that can not do otherwise than on his heart.

Therefore, seeing people who have become her family - the family of the joiner, it is a second, did not hesitate to make your choice ... The way Kashtanka and Chekhov, and the play Yu Kataev argue one simple truth: the warmth of home and the love of family and friends - these are the values which are all the riches of the world: fame, recognition and money.

Genre: Children's play
Director: Yu Kataev
Actors: Frolov, W. Kirpichenko, Pizhel A., N. Vasilevski, Smoljaninov F., A. Yakubov, N. Kolkunov, Yu Mikhailik, Yaroshevich I., F. Vasiliev
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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